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DJ MAYHEM - AKA JOSH CHAPMAN Playing for 9 yrs Producing for 5 yrs - The Brains behind the Tracks, Mayhem is a very skilled producer with 5 yrs in the production field. He also is an icredible dj and knows what sounds good with his own creations, you have never heard your favoriites played the way he does them!!

DJ MISCHIEF - AKA JEFF CHAPMAN Playing for 9 yrs producing for 1 yr - Mischief could be classified as the jack of all trades. He does the editing and remixes of Mischief&Mayhem tracks. Very skilled in all aspects of mixing from beat matching to beat jugling and scratching. Mischiefs record crate is full of the newest badest promo tracks from the big guns and unlimted killer dubplates from up and comming producers!!
Q & A with Mischief & Mayhem

Q: Where does your artist name come from?
Mischief: I saw Fight Club and when they named there Destruction mission --- Operation Mischief and Mayhem --- I knew it would work great for us...I cause the Mischief he brings the Mayhem....and when I was a child they told me I was very Mischievous.
Mayhem: Mischief's answer says it all, thought it was a great idea and the names worked perfect together.
plus it worked for the type of d&b i played.Got the tatt on my side to keep me with that name for life!

Q: Tell us more about your musical roots!
Mischief: no real story there got into the rave scene back in 96-97. Started Rinsin Techno in 98-99 and evolved with the help of a few good friends (PJC) into the Jungalist I am today.
Mayhem: Well I've always loved music, it's just in me. K go easy.... I played the organ when I was very young, knew thats not the instrument I wanted to play but also realized that music in general was everything I wanted to do. Then when I touched those decks it was like, "here we go,thats better" I found what I was looking for and from that came the endless producing of all types of music.

Q: How did you start producing music?
Mischief: My brother Mayhem has always been into Producing for as far back as I can remember. I just started about mid way through 2007 watching him and leaning. I have always had an ear for sounds but he is the one who can bring my thoughts to life!
Mayhem: Music generator for play station 1, I loved everything about creating my own music.Then from there I found out about fruity loops and went to town with that program, that's where I came up with my first full d&b track. Now I use reason and I love it, I have expanded so much with it and just want more.

Q: Are you also a DJ?
Mischief: Yes 9-10 yrs (with a 4 yr break to have a couple little jungalists- Abbi and Alex)
Mayhem: Yes, I can't see my life without making those records spin.

Q: Do you work together with other artists also? E.g. Remixes?
Mischief: Only the pimp MAYHEM!! Would really like to do something with STICK BUBBLY or BROCKOUT one day---them guys is KILLER!!
Mayhem: I have worked with other artists on many projects including swapin' tracks to make remixes of our own. One of the only people in my town that I made music with passed over a year ago, but his influence is always in my music! R.I.P. Burnnett.

Q: Do you have any special musical aims?
Mischief: I want to travel the world and show them that us CANADIANS can destroy a dance floor!!
Mayhem: I would love to become a producer for all types of music and follow a career in the music industry.

Q: What do you think of the contemporary popular music which is played by normal radio stations?
Mischief: Don’t mind it at is music, I enjoy all types of music.
Mayhem: .Well...I like a lot of different types of music, but some things I hear on the radio just disappoint me, no creativity involved in making them it's like they are just put together to make quick money.

Q: What have you read recently (book, play, film, etc.) that moved or surprised you?
Mischief: Ya man Bridge to Terabithia...thats sum sad shit yo!!
Mayhem: The 12th planet by Zecharia Sitchin...its a book about challenging established notions of the origins of earth and life on it ,and sugests the existence of a superior race of beings who once inhabited our world..pertty intence book , makes u think.

Q: What is your all-time favorite track? Why?
Mischief: Wow....that’s a tuff one..... I’ll have to go with BUN THE SENSI or FUCK ATHORITY (pennywise) if I did have to choose.
Mayhem: Damn...can I pick 20? I have had so many favourite tracks over different periods of time, I'll have to say ...Pac Man Remix, the orignal was my favorite track to mix then came the remix and it blew me away and I still love doubble dropping that banger today.

Q: What's one thing you're a fan of that people might not expect?
Mischief: I would say Graffiti, growing up with heavy weights like Destro, Jc1, Asek, Thesis, Task, Fatso and the whole ATM and OPS Crews. Really opened my eyes to the art form behind the madness! LONG LIVE GRAFFITI!!
Mayhem: Punk and acoustic music.. Love music that has meaning , means people put effort in the there creative work.
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